How we do it

Path to successful practice growth isn't easy. Our expert team knows how to make this journey really easy and very rewarding for you


Get up and running fast

Our customer success team will get in touch with you quickly to understand your practice goals. Our skilled programmers will get you up and running fast in 3 weeks or less, and our support team will provide continuous phone, email and chat support.


Patients get attracted to your practice by a great first impression

More and more people are searching for healthcare providers online, they find you easily with your stunning new website, highly rated google business page and optimized social media presence, blogs and more.


Patients decide to set-up an appointment with you

Your great first impression helps patients choose your practice over other providers. Patients quickly set-up an appointment with easy-to-use, mobile friendly appointment system right from your website. This is even better when it is integrated with your Google, iCloud or EMR calendar.


Patients get timely reminders

We keep your practice busy by emailing or texting timely reminders to patients. You can easily track your schedule , reduce no-shows, and enhance patient experience.


Get patient feedback

Patients get an automated feedback request after each visit with an option to share positive feedback on google and social media. Negative feedback? We will notify you quickly so you can respond right away and enhance patient experience.